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Greetings to all
By NickTheGreek
Published: March 27, 2007
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I am an IT Professional and forum enthusiast that provides Remote Technical Support for both freelance projects and my main occupation ( i work at a bank in the IT department ).

This site mainly started from love towards our profession from me, dimtsak and Dreamer and secondly as a cheap alternative to home Technical Support without the boundaries of traffic, hourly cost, response delays and limited onsite resources.

We are not perfect : we try to improve day by day. But we work in the IT Technical Support for 2 decades now and experience is a virtue.

We are not naive : sometimes there is not Internet or LAN connection and Remote Administration is not an option. We are here for the other cases, the ones ( Software Updates, Finetuning, System Optimisation ) that your technician will not be able to deal with regularly and on time. We do not drive to your home, we do not pay Toll or tickets to get to you, we do not charge by the distance, because distance doesn't exist for us.

Give us a free try !

Submit a Support Ticket in the RAS Support Area and we will connect to your computer in less than 2 mins. Securely. Free for the demo, cheap for the next step.

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Remoters Past & Present
By NickTheGreek
Published: March 27, 2007
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We are a bunch of computer enthusiasts that work in the IT scene for more than 12 years and provide freelance support apart our main occupations.

Started providing free advice through our column in YourForum Community in the Nick The Greek's Corner > Ask me section.

In the process of interacting with user troubleshooting we discovered Remote Assisance to be a valuable tool in our main profession ( Technical Support to companies in Greece ) and therefore decided to provide Remote Support online and gradually move through this approach.

We needed a dynamic website and our forum experience proved quite useful on this part ( check for Portfolio ) so we started this place, running a nw and fresh Invision Power Board version software.

We would like to welcome all new members around here and let them know we will be aside even on plain questions and not necessarily Remote Assistance.

The Remoters


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Welcome to
Published: March 26, 2007
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Time to add some content to your new website!

Click here to begin updating and changing your website from the admin panel.

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Greetings to all

Remoters Past & Present

Welcome to

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