Remoters Past & Present
By NickTheGreek
Published: March 27, 2007

We are a bunch of computer enthusiasts that work in the IT scene for more than 12 years and provide freelance support apart our main occupations.

Started providing free advice through our column in YourForum Community in the Nick The Greek's Corner > Ask me section.

In the process of interacting with user troubleshooting we discovered Remote Assisance to be a valuable tool in our main profession ( Technical Support to companies in Greece ) and therefore decided to provide Remote Support online and gradually move through this approach.

We needed a dynamic website and our forum experience proved quite useful on this part ( check for Portfolio ) so we started this place, running a nw and fresh Invision Power Board version software.

We would like to welcome all new members around here and let them know we will be aside even on plain questions and not necessarily Remote Assistance.

The Remoters